Ready to launch your new career?

Not so fast! Do you even know what jobs are hiring? The fact is, that some jobs hire new people so rarely, that it could take years before you can even get your foot in the door. On the other hand, there are certain jobs that are ALWAYS (and we mean ALWAYS!) looking for new people! Take a look at the list below and maybe you’ll find something that matches with your skills and interests!

A home health aide gives an elderly woman her medication

Home Health Aide
Job details: If you like taking care of others, this could be a great fit for you! Home Health Aides typically take care of people who cannot take care of themselves. They help with basic tasks like laundry, cleaning the patient’s home, and giving medicine. It’s not all work though, Home Health Aides may also try to keep patients happy by talking with them or playing games to keep them healthy.¬†¬†Those who choose this career path need to be very kind and patient.
Pay range: $8 to $14 per hour


A brick mason wearing construction attire lays cement bricks for a building

Brick Mason
Job details: If you don’t mind carrying around heavy things and working outside, you may like this job! There’s a lot of physical work involved but you’ll give your brain a work out too. Brick Masons need to know how to read blueprints and have strong math skills. Knowing how to work well with others is a must since Brick Masons are usually a part of a team.
Pay range: $14 – $30 per hour


A female machine operator wearing a hardhat and gloves operates a piece of machinery in a factory setting

Machine Operator
Job details: This job is a doozy. To be successful in this job you’ll need to be able to wear lots of different hats (or at least be willing to learn!). Machine Operators program, set up and monitor equipment all while making sure the work area is clean and safe for others. Machine Operators have to be able to think quickly and follow the rules, or else someone could end up hurt. Most people in this role end up working for construction companies.
Pay range: $11 – $24 per hour


A man is on a roof tacking on shingles

Job details: You can’t have a fear of heights with this job! Roofers have to be able to safely climb onto people’s homes to see if there are any problems they should fix. People in this line of work are able to think on their feet and find the best solution for the people who own the home. Knowing how to talk to people and explain the kind of repairs that need to be done is important too. Jobs for roofers are typically available during certain times of the year
Pay range: $12 – $26 per hour


A physical therapist works on a patient's achilles tendon

Physical Therapist
Job details: This job is a great fit for anyone who likes helping people get back to feeling 100%. Physical Therapists help people with a wide range of medical issues, whether it be a sprained ankle or a stroke. Some may work in small clinics, while others may visit patients in their homes. If you’re interested in becoming a physical therapist, you’ll have to learn some of the same things as a nurse as well as learn how to read people (this will help you avoid hurting them!)
Pay range: $30 – $49 per hour


The side of a man's face is in the foreground as you see he is coding on a computer

Web Developer
Job details: Technology! Computers! Programming! If you get excited about these things too, you’re a perfect web developer! It’s not all hiding behind a desk though, you’ll have to how to talk to people too. Web Developers talk with people about what they want in a website and how they can make that a reality. This job shouldn’t be confused with a Web Designer, they focus more on how a website looks rather than how it works.
Pay range: $12 – $44 per hour


A medical technician puts sample tubes into a machine

Medical Technician
Job details: Ever wonder what happens to the samples doctors take? Well wonder no more! Medical Technicians are responsible for receiving samples, processing them and sending the results back to the hospitals. Organization and an eye for detail are great skills to have for this kind of work. You’ll typically be working with a small team of people in a nice quiet environment.
Pay range: $19 -$32 per hour