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What is Job Shadowing?

Don't worry, it's not as spooky as it sounds.

Say you have a specific job you think you'd like to do. Job shadowing is where you follow someone who is currently in that job and ask them what it's like. See? Not weird at all, it's actually pretty common!

Job shadowing is an amazing way to see for yourself how a job is done and learn from a pro what it takes to be good in that job. Sure, you can read articles online about the skills you'd need for a certain job, but it's always nice to see it in action. Through activities like job shadowing you will learn SO much more than you could from reading about it.

Here are things you can learn from job shadowing that you might not learn otherwise:

  • work hours
  • how to dress for work
  • office culture
  • what tools are used on the job
  • how people talk to each other (email, chat, phone calls etc)
  • is it formal vs relaxed?
  • certifications needed for the job
  • opportunities for growth

Watch a Video

The links below will take you to video interviews shadowing people in different careers. Most videos will take less than 15 minutes to watch and you'll learn alot!

Dr.Kit Job Shadowing Videos

Career One Stop Videos

Connect Ed Career Videos

Set One Up

Didn't see a job shadowing video for a job you're interested in? The guide at the link below will help you figure out who to talk to and how to set one up!

Setting Up a Job Shadow