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To learn more about each of these games, select one of the game titles below. We are working on adding more games as we speak, so keep an eye on this page!

E3’s very first mobile app game! Thinking of a career in the culinary arts? Put your cooking skills to the test with Souptastic!

Customers are pouring in the door and boy, are they hungry! As their order tickets appear, it’s your job to gather the right ingredients, chop them up, cook them into a tasty soup and serve correct amount ordered. Take too long and your customers might walk out. Miss an ingredient and your customers will leave less than satisfied.

You can only miss three soup orders before you have to start all over, so make sure to pay attention and provide quick customer service!

So what are you waiting for? Get cookin!

Our second mobile game features jobs aligned with Georgia’s High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI) Train your brain with this new memory game! Not only will you get a good mental workout, but you’ll learn more about jobs in high demand and the skills you’ll need to succeed.

This memory card game includes 5 decks of cards. Learn more about each deck below:

Who’s Hiring?
Match the cards for a few of the high demand careers near you. There is a wide variety of jobs available and who knows? Maybe you’ll uncover the perfect job for you!

To Your Health
Each pair of cards you match will show you healthy behaviors at school or work that can help you grow. Everything from fitness to getting plenty of rest, these things help make you healthy and happy!

Around the House
In this deck, you’ll revisit chores you do every day. It’s not as boring as it sounds though! There are tons of jobs that rely on these chores as part of your day-to-day tasks. It’s better to build these skills now (so you can impress your boss later!)

Dress the Part
Every job has its own dress code. This set of cards will have you matching up jobs while learning how professionals in that career dress for work. As you play, you’ll see how you may have to dress for the job you want!

Feeling It
Every heard of “emotional intelligence”? It’s just a fancy name for being able to tell how someone else is feeling and making good choices at that moment. This deck of cards aims to help you learn different emotions to help you in difficult situations. Trust me, this is a VERY important skill!

Enjoy playing this game and figuring out the skills you’ll need to Get That Gig!