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A man and a woman in suits talk in front of a window in an office building

You can’t see them, you can’t touch them and they’re really important. No, this isn’t some weird riddle, they’re soft skills!

Soft skills are things like leadership, communication, organization, and teamwork. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you want, you’ll need soft skills in order to do it well. Soft skills take time to perfect but make a huge impact on your success in a job. Why? Someone who works on their soft skills is more likely to be a valued teammate, be respected by others and be seen as a great employee.

Depending on the job you want, some soft skills are more valuable than others. Here we’ll talk about a few soft skills that nearly every job values.

  • Communication: It’s more than just talking. HOW you communicate with others matters. It’s everything from body language, to facial expressions, to your tone of voice. Even if you never physically “talk” to someone, your tone comes across in texts and emails. If your communication skills could use a bit of help, check out this article where we give you some advice on how to upgrade your skills.
  • Listening: Now that you know how to talk to people, do you know how to listen? We aren’t referring to hearing. Listening is absorbing information, making sense of it and providing a proper response. Good listening skills show that you respect what others have to say and want to understand where they are coming from.
  • Time management: For some people, this soft skill is the hardest to master. Can you get to school on time? Can you finish projects by their deadline? Every job has tasks that need to be finished each day. How you juggle those tasks from day to day matters. Learning which tasks can wait and which can’t is called prioritization. This is the key to time management.

Do you have the soft skills you need to succeed? If not, talk to your friends, family, and teachers about opportunities to practice. Your future self will thank you!