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Looking for Cover Letter Tips?


Essay time. Kinda.
The job you want to apply for requires you to send in a cover letter. Time to enter panic mode.

You’ve spent hours tailoring your resume til it was perfect and now this?!

Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and follow these tips for crafting a beautiful, convincing cover letter that will get your foot in the door to that dream job.

  • Tip #1
    Don’t start your cover letter with “My name is…” Chances are, you’ve already filled out an application and a resume, and if you did it correctly, the person reading your cover letter knows your name. Opening a cover letter this way makes you sound like a little kid.


  • Tip #2
    Keep your cover letter to one page. (Not one page and .5 font) Your cover letter should highlight your personality, strengths, and skills as it applies to the job you want. You should be able to write a nice paragraph or two on this. Explain why this job interests you and why you’re the best fit. Steer clear or repeating your resume though.


  • Tip #3
    Don’t be a used car salesman. You’re applying for this job because you think you can do it and do it well. So saying “I’m the best person for the job!” is kind of silly. Do you know EVERYONE else who applied? Did you read their resumes and cover letters? No. Tell the employer why you, with your unique skills and abilities, will do well in this role.


  • Tip #4
    Let your personality shine. The cover letter is your chance to be a human being. Your resume is all bullet points and formal formatting. Your cover letter lets you have a conversation. Pretend you’re talking to a friend about this job and why you’d be great at it. Be polite and use appropriate grammar, but don’t be overly formal.


  • Tip #5
    It’s your resume, but better. Just like your resume, your cover letter should be tailored to fit this specific job. You have to convince this employer that you want THIS job at THIS company.

From here, you want to proofread your cover letter for any grammatical errors. Read the job posting and make sure what you wrote matches the job. Have friends and family review the cover letter for you before you send it out. After you send it, sit back and wait for the interview phone calls to roll in!