An image of several people in front of a camera preparing to film a movie

Are you kind of shy?

It’s okay! Being shy is perfectly normal! But maybe you don’t want to be shy anymore. Maybe you’re ready to take on the world!

We have great news for you.

Trying something new that challenges you to go outside of your comfort zone can build confidence and help you overcome shyness. Whether you have an interest in show business or not, theater training can give you boost you need to succeed. Here are some ways that acting classes can benefit you:


Grow Your Imagination


Acting programs often give you the freedom to express yourself in a safe environment.  No one will make fun of you for having silly ideas, actually, the opposite is true! Silly ideas are perfect for acting workshops! You can create your own story and bring it to life. While you may be shy in a normal social setting, you may find that you’re less shy when you can show off your creative side.


Something to be Proud of

You did it!

Acting is an art, and people who are involved in acting programs tend to take pride in their ability to perform. You can feel proud of your accomplishments, and this pride can lead to greater confidence in other parts of your life. Plus, who knows, this may be your big break into Hollywood!


“Transferable Skills”


While you may not think of the skills that you learn in acting classes to be ones you can use in the real world, the fact is that many of these skills are transferable. For example, you can flex your critical thinking skills and learn how to do your best even when you are under pressure. Skills like these will be important no matter where you go after high school or college. Your boss will definitely thank you in the long run!


You Might Do Better in School


Studies show that people who participate in theater programs do better in school. Acting is all about listening and following directions all while working as a team with others. These are things that help you in school as well! The things you learn from acting can make a huge impact on the rest of your life. (Hellooooooo soft skills!)

Theater programs, acting camps, and classes provide a wide range of benefits that can help give you confidence in social situations, the classroom and everything in between. This summer, we’ll be hosting an Acting program specifically designed to build confidence and life skills. There are two dates and locations and the spaces are filling up fast. The link to the flyer below has all the details you need to sign up!